House of Hawke Transportation - Working for Nothen, No wages I see.

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My employer House of Hawke Transportation (Owner Mr.Hawke) has refused to pay me wages earned July 22th.

Through July 26th. 2012. Whereas I performed my duties as team driver for his company. I along with Mr.

Moore (678)464-2860 we both drove Mr. Hawke truck pulling FedEx double trailers to Lenexa KS, Portland OR, Spokane WA, Billings Montana, St. Paul MN, and back to Ellenwood GA. and back to Kennesaw GA.

totaling over 4,700 miles @ 21 cents per mile. This is devastating to me considering I have a mortgage to pay and have been unemployed for quite some time. After weeks of negotiations Mr. Hawke gave me an opportunity to run a solo dedicated loaded from Savannah GA.

to Charlotte NC for six months, Mon. thru Fri. weekends off, for$700 per week, with the understanding that I would relocate to Savannah GA. Upon arriving there and speaking to Mr.

Hawke he then change his story and said that it would only be for 30 days and then I was required to drive all 48 states as a team. The following day Mr. Hawke ask that I would drive back to Kennesaw GA and drive teams with Mr. Moore for a couple of weeks then come back to Savannah GA.

After we returned from that over the road trip I was told that I would be going back out over the road with Mr. Moore at 3:30 am Tuesday, July 31st. 2012. I arrived at the Kennesaw Hub at FedEx at 3:25am, checked in with dispatch, waited and called Mr.

Moore for several hours, got my hook papers and hooked both trailers, recorded seal numbers and turned in my hook papers to dispatch when I was told that since the other driver was not there they would have to give the load to another team. Later after I was nearly home Mr. Smith (Mr. Hawke's recruiter) called and asks if I wanted to go back to Kennesaw and I told him that I was not interested in doing teams.

I wanted to go back to doing my solo run in Savannah GA, Mr.

Smith advised me that was no longer an option.

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